Green Team

Here at St Edward's we understand the importance of looking after and sustaining our environment and we therefore strive to integrate environmental education into all facets of school life. Our school fosters environmental practices and incentives within our community, such as wrapper free lunches, recycling, composting, the use of water tanks, solar panels and growing our own fruits, vegetables and native plants. These practices equip students to act individually and collectively, in ways that can positively contribute to environmental sustainability.

In 2012 the school established a 'Green Team' that is responsible for growing and looking after fruits and vegetables. We are fortunate enough to have a green house that enables the children to grow plants from seed. This is an invaluable experience as the children are able to see how a seed grows and transforms into a fruit or vegetable. The produce is used in the school canteen or sold to the parents and friends of St Edward's. The children also have the opportunity to buy seedlings from school so they can continue to look after them  at home. Any funds that are raised from our sales go back into the 'Green Team' so that supplies can be purchased. The 'Green Team' has also been involved in National Tree Day for the last few years. This is very special to our school as it builds our relationship with the local Landcare group.

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