Children must carry a bus pass when travelling by bus to and from school, otherwise they will have to pay a bus fare. Application forms for your free bus pass are available at the school office.

New application forms are required for:

  • change of address
  • change of school site (eg Infants to Primary).

Parents are responsible for replacement bus passes which cost $10.00.

Primary applicants must live more than 1.6 km (directly) or 2.3 km (walking distance) from the school.

All Infants children are eligible for free bus travel.

Bus passes must be presented each day on the bus.

A subsidy is also available to parents who transport their children more than 1.6 km by private vehicle to meet public transport. Application forms are available from the office.

Bus Companies

Hannaford's Coaches

(02) 6765 1900


Tamworth Buslines

(02) 6762 3999



(02) 6760 7190

Peel Valley Coaches

(02) 6766 4418


(02) 6766 4418


(02) 6768 7160